In Her Room -- A New Adventure

in-her-room_1-1 For some time, I've been wanting to return to some of my best days working in local radio broadcasting. But with my time and energy focused on building a new version of my life and business as a cohesive dream, I haven't made the space. Until now.

In a fit of wild brainstorming on a drive to the grocery store, I realized a space I could fill with my passion for meaningful conversations, my love of audio broadcasting, and my need to contribute meaningfully to the communities in which I exist -- as a woman, as a writer, as a creative, and as a business owner. And thus, In Her Room was born.

In Her Room: Women Writers on Life, Craft, and Changing the World is an adventure in community-building and creative conversation. As a podcast, it allows for the freedom to go deep in exploring who we are as women, as writers, and as humans having an impact on the world. Being an audio experience, you can take it with you through your day -- working out, running errands, taking kids to practice, cooking dinner -- and listen when it works for you. Because as women with busy lives, finding a way to connect with our craft even when we aren't writing is really important.

I couldn't have imagined, even six months ago, that I would be building a podcast like this. The excitement I feel at the possibilities is boundless. Creating conversation starters, re-learning audio editing software, even building a mini sound booth -- I feel a passion and an eagerness I haven't had in a long time.

The podcast will officially launch in early March. It will be available on iTunes and Soundcloud, as well as here on the blog. Stay tuned for all the details. Interested in being a guest on the show? Drop me a note and let's connect!

In Her Room