Episode #7: Esmé Weijun Wang

This week's guest on In Her Room is writer, storyteller, and visual artist Esmé Weijun Wang. We sat down to talk about creative legacy, living with chronic illness, and the ways we show up and be compassionate with ourselves and others in this 46-minute episode.

How is your heart today?

Here are some things mentioned in this episode:

Esmé's website
Esmé on Instagram
Esmé on Twitter
Esmé on Facebook
Esmé on Pinterest
"Perdition Days," the essay Esmé read

Sarah Manguso :: author of The Two Kinds of Decay* and Ongoingness*
The Radical Sincerity Manifesto
BinderCon :: where Esmé spoke in 2014
Where's the Electricity?* :: Esmé's creative offering 
On Mastery
Esmé's 10-Second Statement (and the post from Mara Glatzel that inspired it!)
Spoon theory :: in reference to living with chronic illness.

Light Gets In :: Esmé's collection on living with mental health challenges

"On Jealousy" :: Esmé's thoughts on recognizing other people's success

The Rawness of Remembering :: Esmé's course on restorative journaling

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