Episode #20: Susan Carol Hauser


This week's guest on In Her Room is the magnanimous and profoundly kind Susan Carol Hauser. Our conversation about teaching, image vocabularies, and the importance of community is such a gift to share with you.

"Writing...Is part of the fabric of my life.

Here are some things mentioned in this episode:

Susan's website
Susan's blog
You Can Write a Memoir!
My Kind of River Journey: Seeking Passage on the Mississippi
Wild Rice: An Essential Guide to Cooking, History, and Harvesting
Wild Sugar: The Pleasures of Making Maple Syrup
Outside After Dark
Susan's other books
Measures of Loss :: Published in Terrain Magazine

Bemidji State University
Minnesota Northwoods Writer's Conference
National Writer's Union
Author's Guild
Poets & Writers magazine
Lake Itasca State Park :: Headwaters of the Mississippi River

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