Episode #36: Laura Bogart

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This week's guest on In Her Room is writer and pop culture thought-provoker Laura Bogart. We discuss the importance of sticking to the work, showing up to hard topics, and so much more. 

Writing is about giving a voice to my younger self, who did not have [one].

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Episode #35: Ellis Avery


This week's guest on In Her Room is writer, memoirist, and teacher Ellis Avery. We discuss her new book, The Family Tooth, cultivating a curiosity of the natural world, and so much more.


Underneath all the fear, what is it that's just standing there?

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Episode #34: Anne Brannen


This week's guest on In Her Room is poet, medievalist, and teacher of the craft Anne Brannen. Our conversation is full of laughter, aventure, and what it means to listen to the authentic voice within us.

I think writing is breathing.

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Episode #33: Laura Benedict


This week's guest on In Her Room is the sweetest queen of horror writing, Laura Benedict. We talk about the importance of writing what speaks to you, getting back the rights to work, and how Agatha Christie is like porn for readers, among so much more.


As a writer, I want people to know me as a person.

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Episode #32: Sheila Squillante


This week's guest on In Her Room is poet, memoirist and writing teacher Sheila Squillante. Our conversation spans writing memoir, working on literary journals, and so much more. 

Writing is a place where I work stuff out.

Here are some things mentioned in this episode:

Sheila's Website
Sheila on Twitter
Sheila's Chapbooks
Beautiful Nerve :: Sheila's poetry collection
"This Weather" :: one of the poems Sheila read

Roxane Gay
Mia Sara
The Fourth River
MFA program at Chatham
Sheryl St. Germain
Vivan Gornick :: An Interview in The Paris Review
VIDA Count

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