Episode #41: Renee D'Aoust

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This week's guest on In Her Room is hiker, dancer, and author Renee D'Aoust. Our conversation features thoughts on movement and the body, pedagogy and the writing craft, and so much more. 


The urgency needs to be on the page...

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Episode #40: Randi Buckley


This week's guest on In Her Room is writer, coach, and advocate of healthy boundaries Randi Buckley. Our conversation features the power of Viking women, lots of laughter, and so much more.


Writing is a mountain ... Every time I climb it I get to a different place, 
nd I see new things from there.

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Episode #39: Amanda Mays


This week's guest on In Her Room is author, editor, and publisher Amanda Mays. We talk about the importance of an editor, leaving no trace, and what it means to show up to the page.


I firmly believe in the printed word...

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Episode #38: Bronwyn Petry

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This week's guest on In Her Room is writer, editor, and lover of travel Bronwyn Petry. We talk about maintaining authentic voice, social justice, and so much more.

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Writing is my activism.

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Episode #37: Maggie Messitt


This week's guest on In Her Room is writer, teacher, and journalist Maggie Messitt. We discuss her latest book, The Rainy Season, immersion journalism, and so much more.


Writing...has long been a way inside people unlike me.

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